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The Order of Preachers was founded by St. Dominic in the thirteenth century for the sanctification of its members, the correction of widespread heresy and the conversion of the world to Christ and his Church. Dominic saw the need for a combination of the contemplative life of the monk with the active life of the traveling missionary, the education of a university teacher with the simplicity of a poor beggar. To this day, Dominicans take as their motto, "to contemplate and to give to others the fruits of our contemplation." We are found in all parts of the world preaching the sacred truth, offering prayers and sacrifices for the good of souls, serving the rich and the poor alike. Our contributions to the Church include the Rosary and saints like Albert the Great, Thomas Aquinas, Catherine of Sienna, Martin de Porres and Louis de Montfort.

Order of Preachers

About dominican laity

From the foundation of the order, friars, brothers, nuns and lay people joined together in one spirit and one mission. Lay members, sometimes known as tertiary members or members of the third order, are officially recognized as a part of the Order of Preachers and promise to live according to their own rule. We eagerly work for our own sanctification and the sanctification of others through sacraments, prayer, especially the Liturgy of the Hours and the Rosary, study, especially of Scripture, preaching by word and example and works of mercy. We are married and single, working in all professions and active in every ministry. We live "in the world" but meet regularly in local groups called chapters.

Dominican Laity

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We were founded in 1950 by the first Dominican friars who came to Albuquerque to start the Newman Center at the University of New Mexico, and we have continued our mission to this day, only recently moving to the Shrine of St. Therese and now to Villa Matthias, where the Brothers of the Good Shepherd generously host our meetings. We all have different apostolates, or missionary works, but we meet together once a month to attend Mass, pray the Liturgy, study together and enjoy one another's company. We are always open to curious visitors and new members - come and see for yourself what we are all about! 

Please contact our Moderator, Marie Levy Ryan, at 505-897-3495 or marie.levyryan@gmail.com to make arrangements.


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