Joining the Order of Preachers is a life-long commitment, so there are several years of formation and discernment eventually culminating in final promises. If you are considering becoming a member, this is the path that you would follow.

Initiate - six months

The Initiate Program is an informal process and the first step for anyone considering a vocation to the Dominican laity. After coming to a meeting or two and meeting with our formation director, you will be introduced to the Four Pillars of Dominican Spirituality, which should help you get an idea of whether Dominican spirituality is a good fit for you.

The Four Pillars are prayer, study, preaching and community life.

candidacy I - one year

After learning the basics of Dominican spirituality, those who are interested in preparing to make promises to live a lay Dominican life are formally received into the Order and given a small Dominican scapular. Now you complete a more formal course of study of the role of lay Dominicans in the Church, our Dominican saints and spirituality and our rule of life.

candidacy II - three years

If you and your formation director decide together that you are ready for the next step, you now make temporary promises to live the rule of the Dominican laity for three years. Commitments include frequent reception of the Sacraments, praying the Liturgy of the Hours and the Rosary, attendance at meetings, work in an apostolate and study. You continue a course of study in formation intended to deepen your spiritual life and your understanding of your own vocation.