Breaking Open the Bible

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This book teaches you how to study Scripture, not just read it, by leading you through three studies comparing an Old Testament and a New Testament passage. The studies include glossaries, historical notes, and questions for comprehension and meditation. We are studying it at our June, August and September meetings.

We Walk by Faith

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Michael Demkovich, OP currently resides in Albuquerque as a theology consultant to Archbishop Wester. This book is written as retreat-style reflections and walks the reader, in studying the journeys of Christ in the gospels, through the many ongoing journeys of the spiritual life. We finished studying it this month.

Beautiful Mercy

This month we started reading Beautiful Mercy by Matthew Kelly. The book goes through all of the traditional spiritual and corporal works of mercy with examples of how they are being lived today, and suggestions on how you could live them. Reading it together helps us to participate as a group in the Year of Mercy declared by Pope Francis.

Scanning the Signs of the Times

Since August, our chapter has been studying Scanning the Signs of the Times by O'Meara and Philibert. Each chapter covers one of the French Dominican theologians of the twentieth century. The essays are a readable introduction to the original thought of each Dominican and a review of how their contributions were received by the Church, with an emphasis on how their thoughts influenced the thought and documents of the Second Vatican Council.